"Everything is natural. The light on your fingertips is starlight. Life begins with coiling — molecules and nebulae. Cruelty, selfishness, and vanity are boring. Each self is many selves. Reason is beauty. Light and darkness are arbitrary divisions. Cleanliness is as undefinable and as natural as filth. The physiological body is pure spirit. Monotony is madness. The frontier is both outside and inside. The universe is the messiah. The senses are gods and goddesses. Where the body is — there are all things."
- Michael McClure (via sublimesea)

(via mindaltering)

Last night Jalen and I took Alexis and her friend to see her favorite band in Grand Rapids. Then, we all went to Steak n’ Shake.

Then Jalen and I snuggled and slept on my couch. And this morning, after my mom and sister left for work/school, we took a bubble bath together and it was so very wonderful :)


This show is too pop punk…

  • Outside the bedroom: EXCUSE ME I am a classy strong woman who demands respect do not patronize me you fucks
  • Inside the bedroom: Oh Master I'm a dirty little slut please slap me tie me up gag me and choke me i belong to you